We at Open Air Blankets are thrilled that those who use our blankets are getting quality outdoor blankets worthy of making their outdoor life more comfortable and enjoyable. 

Brenda Drobish
Open Air Blankets

Where did Open Air Blankets come from?

Moving from the Midwest with its wet and windy springs; dry, cool autumns and cold, long winters to the long seasonal damp, cool, rainy Inland Northwest region did not change my love for the outdoors but instead enhanced the diversity of my outdoor experiences by encompassing a wider range of climates and weather conditions. 

  • “Being outside has always been a way of life for me and my family, and we take every opportunity to be there regardless of the weather conditions.”

Living in the outdoors has included walleye fishing in a downpour, camping in the mist, late fall hunting in the snow, and winter fishing by boat or shore. The weather has not stopped us from our outdoor lifestyle but the diverse weather conditions can make a difference in experiencing a pleasant  adventure to a day not wanted to be repeated.

Because of the different weather we are exposed to; I started to look for a waterproof breathable outdoor blanket to have  more comfortable outdoor experiences, but was unsuccessful.  I was not looking for a picnic blanket, but rather a cuddly, warm blanket that could withstand the weather that we live in.  Unable to find what I wanted I decided to make one.

Eventually, looking for quite some time, I located some material and made my first blanket. It was a camouflage blanket with the intent to use during hunting. I showed some friends and they also wanted one. Additional colors slowly became part of our repertoire and now we can match many school colors.

Sitting around a campfire wrapped up in Open Air Blankets has made me more comfortable. Sitting on the snow watching the kids sled or ski helped me stay dry.  Sitting at football games in the rain wrapped up in my Open Air Blankets has made a huge difference in me staying or leaving. Even sitting in my blanket on the sidelines watching my kids play soccer, makes the game much more enjoyable when it is just a little cooler than I like.  I wouldn’t be without it. Ours goes goes with us everywhere.  It is even part of our survival kit in the car.

Open Air Blankets aren’t  just for the typical outdoor use. I was asked to make one for her little girl who is in a wheelchair. Someone else purchased one to use theirs while watching their kids play indoor hockey. I was also approached to make 2 extra large Open Air Blankets to be used in 2 rescue sleds at a local ski resort.

There are a million+1 uses for the Open Air Blankets and it is really up to your imagination how you can use yours. Once you start using an Open Air Blanket you will notice the difference from a regular inside blanket that is used for the outdoors from that of a blanket designed to be in the outdoors.

           If you love being outside like we do, you need an Open Air Blanket and I would love to help you stay warm and comfortable in your outdoor life.

Happy Outdoors ~  Brenda Drobish