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Because outdoor life is easier with a poncho.

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Poncho Blanket

How to make a blanket hands-free.

A Blanket Poncho is made from the same waterproof breathable material and is lined with the same anti-pill fleece as the blankets. The poncho is 56 x 72 inches with an attached lined hood.  The hood has draw strings to add to your comfort. The poncho also has a 12″ zipper for easy access for your head.  The zipper offers the option of allowing a little more opening or closing down the front area from the air.  The sides are left open to give you as much freedom as you need. 

The uses for the poncho are numerous. They come in very handy while watching sports and want you hand free to take pictures but still have the benefits of the blanket. This poncho has also been used as a blanket to sit on the ground.  

The best part of the poncho is that you get all the benefits of the blankets but your hands are free to use when you need them.  

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Ponchos come in handy when watching your favorite outdoor sport…

… even if it is just watching your kids practice. 

Additional information

Weight 4.00 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 6 in

Black, Forest Green, Navy