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Because you want to stay warm and dry while being outside. 

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Outdoor waterproof breathable blankets.

What makes these blankets so special?

OPEN AIR BLANKETS are 58″ x 72″ and are made from a waterproof breathable polyester that is lined with an anti-pill fleece. The advantages of these outdoor blankets compared to everyday blankets has to do with the material from which they are made. The waterproof material keeps you dry on those damp, rainy, snowy days. The fleece makes it warm and cozy with the flexibility of the blanket that makes it very comfy to wrap yourself up in.  The breathable polyester allows air to flow while the combination of the materials holds in your body heat.  Each blanket has its own matching cinch sac.

The CINCH SACS have a dual purpose.  They give your blanket a home live in while not in use but it also gives you a seat cushion when those stadium benches are wet from the rain or snow.

We have different colors to make them fun.

Check out the variety of colors that have been available and may be back.

There have been many colors to choose from but at the current time we have a limited variety available.  The best part about this is that if you sign up on the email list you will be the first to be notified of new colors introduced and some old colors coming back. 

We have also had 3 pattern varieties available to choose from.  They are seasonal and if you like one particular style keep in touch through our email to be informed on which one is coming on-line and when.  You will also be told if new patterns are coming soon.

How can we use them?

Check out the photo gallery for some ideas.

Additional information

Weight 4.00 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 6 in

Black, Camo, Forest Green, Graygreen, Khaki, Modern, Navy, Plaid, Red, Royal